Although Slovenia is a small country in terms of land area and population, it is quite popular for its numerous pristine natural locations. Filming in Slovenia has seen a recent boom since it is one of the most cost-competitive options offering alpine and Mediterranean looks in Europe. Thus even though production is relatively expensive, Slovenia remains one of the most popular filming locations.

Filming Permits in Slovenia

You do not need permits for b-roll filming and other small scale shoots not interfering with public space and traffic. For large-scale setups where there is a need to control traffic, then you will need to get a permit.

The process of obtaining permits is incredibly fast. Your permits should be ready in 2 to 3 days. Special permits might be required to film in national parks.

Drone filming is also permitted in Slovenia subject to local regulations. One hassle-free to film with a drone without going through the local process is hiring a Slovenian drone operator.

Contact us to get things in the process early before your arrival.

Access for Foreign Journalists

Foreign journalists looking to cover a news piece or report in Slovenia will find the help of our local Slovenian fixers quite valuable. The country ranks 32 on the 2018 World Press Freedom Index. This means Slovenia is very open for journalists to work here.  

In general, contributors and institutions are open to foreign media. There are no specific issues a journalist should keep in mind in terms of safety.

Tax Incentive

Foreign filmmakers working in Slovenia are offered a 25% cash rebate for shooting documentaries, films and TV series. However, TV commercials are not part of this offer.

Local authorities are supportive when filming in Slovenia. If a production promotes a certain city or region, locals tend to generally be supportive.