Despite its small size, Slovenia made a name for itself through its pristine natural landscapes, karst hills, snow-capped mountains, majestic waterfalls and bubbling brooks. Its small size is more of an advantage than a disadvantage as popular filming locations in Slovenia are all within a short drive of the capital. Movies like The Chronicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian and a long list of TV commercials have been filmed in Slovenia.


Ljubljana is the largest city in Slovenia and also the capital. The city is popular for its cobbled streets, beautiful green spaces and also hosts the Tivoli park. Ljubljana splits in two parts: the old town and a budding commercial hub by the meandering Ljubljanica River.


The coastal town of Piran lies in south-western Slovenia. Part of the Adriatic coast, Piran displays Venetian and long pier architecture. Popular locations in Piran includes the Tartini square and the Gothic Red Venetian House that flanks it.

Predjama Castle

This is a Renaissance castle in the historical region of Carniola, south-western Slovenia. Besides its rich history, the castle is also quite peculiar because it is built within a cave. Predjama is definitely one of the filming locations in Slovenia to keep an eye on.

Karst caves of Slovenia

The country is widely reputed as a karstic land. There are more than 800 karst caves discovered in Slovenia already and more are being unveiled every year. Notable karstic caves in the country include the Postojna Cave and Skocjan Caves.

Triglav National Park

This is the only national park in all of Slovenia. Located in the Julian Alps, Triglav is home to the highest peak in Slovenia, Mt. Triglav, after which it is named. Apart from its unique mountainous terrain, the protected area also has several cultural and natural attractions that make for a perfect backdrop for filming in Slovenia.

Savica Waterfall

With a sheer drop of 78 meters, the Savica waterfall is one of the most breathtaking filming locations in Slovenia. A homonymous karst spring feeds the waterfall in the north-eastern edge of the country.

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