International journalists covering Slovenia might find it a little bit difficult to make their way around without local help. Therefore our fixers in Slovenia can assist you get over the language barrier and other restrictions to make your work completely easy and convenient.

We are an all in one solution for foreign journalists, media companies and international news reporters. Thus our production fixers have extensive experience in working with foreign media here in Slovenia.

Our services for journalists include:

  •    Initial research
  •    Fact checking
  •    Local access
  •    General production support (logistics, crew hire, equipment rental etc)


Initial Research

Research is important to help you get a deeper understanding of your story and tell it correctly. Fixer Slovenia can assist you with all the initial groundwork before you arrive in Slovenia. We offer brief initial research completely free of charge.


Fact Checking

To check your facts and get your story straight, you need reliable eyes and ears on the ground with contacts everywhere in the country. With the help of our sources, Fixer Slovenia can assist you with quick fact checks.


Local Access to Contributors

One of the most important things that will determine the success of an international journalist working abroad is how much local access you get. Fixer Slovenia can assist you with the process of booking interviews with government officials or gaining access to local contributors in the remote rural communities and pretty much everywhere in the country.


Production Support

Our fixers in Slovenia are able to offer on the ground support for a foreign journalist for a successful coverage of local events or news pieces within Slovenia. We are a one-stop-shop: we can offer some services directly and others we source through vetted local partners.



Our Slovenian fixers can assist journalist with handling itineraries, schedules, and logistics for a successful project in Slovenia.