Our team of production fixers in Slovenia acts as a fully-fledged production company. Our local fixers operate autonomously to offer services ranging from general production support to location scouting. We can also hire extra people for specific roles in production crews if they are needed. With zero fixed costs and friendly pricing, our services are a lot cheaper than what you will be charged by a regular Slovenian production company.

Location Scouting

Our country-wide network of contacts can assist you in with finding the perfect locations for your project. Contact us and we will assist you with finding the best places and obtaining permits and access.

Crew Sourcing

Slovenia offers a ready pool of local directors, photographers and other key people readily available. Local crews are generally experienced with working for foreigners and they mostly speak fluent English. Ljubljana, the capital, is also the main production center and many of the important crew members are sourced there.

Equipment Hire

You can find most of the standard camera, lighting, grip and other types of equipment locally. We can also hook you up with suppliers for drones, cranes, car mounts and other forms of specialized gear. If you will be needing additional gear, you can easily bring it in from some of the major European filming centers.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Our Slovenian fixers are highly skilled and experienced in working with international journalists and foreign media. We have a network of reliable contacts all over the country which makes it easy for us to help with initial fact checks, research and to also secure interviews with important people and contributors.

General Production Support

Our team of fixers in Slovenia can assist with sourcing for a small sized crew for simple assignments as well as large-sized crews and logistics for bigger projects. Our services are quite similar to that of full-service production company even though we charge a fraction of what they charge.