Slovenia is one European country that has stayed off the radar for tourists. Yet for most people who’ve been there, it’s a country with so much to offer. Including filming a movie or a documentary, which is why hiring a production assistant in Slovenia is so important for your next project.

How a production assistant in Slovenia can help you

A great production assistant in Slovenia will relieve you and your crew of many headaches. Being a local, the person you’ll hire will be up for any challenge that might appear. Talented, good with people, and familiar with local laws, assistants that are hired on the ground are an indispensable piece in your staff. In Slovenia, a country that’s abiding by European Union laws, it’s a great idea to have your assistant while filming your next big hit in the country.

What to expect when filming in Slovenia? While many would just overlook this little Central European country, for those who look into it, they’ll discover a true hidden gem. Not many people know that world-famous sights like the superb Lake Bled, and many others, are located in Slovenia. Nature is surely at the top of the list of reasons why you should film here. This is combined with a great array of cities and villages of great beauty. The combination turns Slovenia into an affordable, easy-going destination for any type of filming.

Your production assistant in Slovenia will take care of the logistics of your crew while on the ground. Things like renting equipment, repairs, accommodations, and meals, getting the crew from one set to the other, and also covering other expenses and situations, they will take care of them. You can focus on the quality of production in the meantime, which you should do.

What’s it like filming in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country that’s been in the European Union since 2004. Because it’s part of the EU, many regulations that apply in general in the Union are also effective in the country. For once, many filming permits are regulated locally but with concern to European laws. Permits that allow you to film are usually ready in a few days. For those who’re into drone filming, this is allowed in most parts of the country, with the help of a local drone operator.

Being a Central European country with a lower-than-average salary than the rest of the EU, you can expect lower prices for everything having to do with filming while in Slovenia. Your production assistant in Slovenia will cover taxes and expenses for you, so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities. Also since the entire country is 230 kilometers wide across, transportation is manageable.

It takes no longer than 90 minutes to reach Maribor, from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, by car. The capital of Slovenia is the ideal place for having your headquarters while filming here. Cheap yet modern, it’s all that you need for any production.